InDesign Lesson 4

we learned how to round out the ends and how to even the pictures out,along with making the texts straight and even.

we learned how to add different shapes in the page and how to make them equally spaced along with how to type around an image

we learned how to edit the colors of a certain image and how to align and move images together as a group and how to add the same effect to those images,we also learned how to type of a path and how to change what to text looks like on the path

we learned how to add in a arrow and how to customize it to look a certain way,we also learned how to delete a certain part of an image without getting rid of the rest and how to space the images out and how to delete color from the background in a certain area

InDesign Lesson 1

In Lesson 1 we learned how the basics of InDesign works and how each tool is used.We learned how to navigate pages and how to use different text styles and how the process of editing the project is like.we also learned different ways to zoom in and out of a page and also how to set up our workspace and how all the different workspaces work.

Retro Type

In this type we used the typing tool and the appearance panel to make this type.We used it to layer multiple colors and to make the shape and texture of the type.There wasn’t really anything to hard about this one but something I did struggle with was using the appearance panel only because I haven’t used it much.